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Just wanted to share my flight experience with everyone since Continental feels like there is nothing wrong with sitting next to a dog barking (no, not yapping, full on barking). Woman next to me had a dog under the seat.

Didnt realize until we took off in which the dog didnt stop barking for 6 hours, non stop. This was not a dog for any type of disability. When I called Continental to complain, it was like I was a bad person. I am not an animal hater.

I own pets. However, I wouldnt be so rude as to take my pet across the country on a plane without sedating. No, this is not the same as a crying baby. There was nowhere to move since the flight was overbooked.

Would it be ok for me to play a movie without headphones on level 10 or blast music for every row to hear?

I couldnt sleep, I couldnt concentrate to read, even with soundless headphones. Continental, shame on you for allowing this to happen and doing nothing as much as I fly your airline.

Jeffrey Smisek, would you ever sit in coach for a coast to coast flight and listen to a dog barking for 6 hrs.

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The only way a pet is allowed to sit under a sit and out of a carrier is if it is an assist animal for a physically or emotionally handicapped passenger. If it was allowed out of its carrier, it was in violation of airline if not FAA policy.

If it was in its carrier barking, then it was irresponsible of the owner to travel with a pet THAT distressed. Call and complain, with specific information on the flight; your seat and your attempts to be accommodated, however, do so immediately. If posting in an online forum and complaining about your experience is the only action you have taken, you've lost your opportunity for restitution. At the very least, as for the airline to document the travel record of the offending passenger's pet so that future traveler's don't suffer the same fate.

Sorry. That was no doubt a MISERABLE experience, especially if you asked for help, and received none.

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